Commit Me

'I said commit to me.'
Daily Prompt: Commit

Would Someone Please Commit Me

Lock me up, throw away the key
Give me a bed and let me sleep
A padded room, with no one else
No clock, No Time, all by myself

No dishes, laundry, dirty dogs
No work, alarm, long backlogs
No calendar, watch or loud cellphone
No t.v., radio, leave me alone
No pants, no bra, leave me naked I can bare it
No need for binding, or straight jacket

Just leave me be, in silent bliss
The maddening world I will not miss
Just shut the door and let me free
Would someone please commit me




Rambling Thoughts

A trapped beetle in a jar
Light shines through the lid of the universe

The hands on the clock slows
The old mans face is worn with time
The clock stops
The man is no more

A smile across a crowded room
Confirmation of worthiness
Confidence inspires thought
A stranger changed the world

Waiting for a message
words without pictures
paints the world with brighter futures
will I get the job?


True Story

I once was a little boy
So brave with a touch of coy
I was an Indian and a cowboy
I once fought at the gates of Troy

I once went to the moon as an Astronaut
Who traveled to space for naught
For my adventure had no forethought
‘Twas Mars is what they sought

I once was an Olympic gymnast
I was the worlds best and biggest
But I soon caved and lost interest
and became a mom and crafted on Pinterest

I once had a pet giraffe
who loved to tell jokes and laugh
but died of a horrible case of staph
“he was a great friend” was his epitaph

I once lived in the jungle of congo
In the top floor of a high rise condo
Where the tribe taught me to play the bongo
My best friend while there was a Pongo

I know you think i’m long in the tooth
to be telling such tales of my unlived youth
and my parents tell me it’s very uncouth
to tell stories without a grain of truth.

true story




The Morning Song

my hill

Home Sweet Home

The chants coming from the trees
So many songs at once, it’s maddening

The call from the rooster in the distant mist
I’m awake, thanks for asking

The swishing greeting from the trees
Glad to see you, good morning

The far away hum of cars on the highway
It’ early, I wonder where they’re traveling

The morning is alive with amazing sounds
So loud, it’s almost deafening.

Daily Prompt – Sing


South of Alaska

Daily Topic – South


Everything is South of Alaska
It’s the top of the world they say
I would have to agree, for you see
I lived there once upon a day

Everyone is South of the Circle
You know the one that marks the spot
The pole in the ice, where you hope that you’re nice
The place that never gets hot

Everywhere is South of the Northern sun
The one that shines bright, even at night
The one that hides, when the snow flies
The one that gives life a spectacular site

Every star is South of the Northern light
The one that guides the shepherd’s way
The one that leads the sky at night
The star that shines even at day

Everything is South of Alaska
The “lower 48” their called
It takes all the states to raise the map
So the great North can never fall.

Dirty Days Upon Us

Dirty days upon us
it’s so wonderful to see
kiddo’s being kiddo’s
riding bikes and climbing trees.


Dirty knees, dirty feet
dirty hands and sticky heat

Dirty face, dirty nails
dirty elbows and dirt in pales

Bug spray, sun block
pony tails and halter tops


Water hose, swimming pools
Shade trees and no more schools

Dawn to Dusk, under the sun
so little time for so much fun


Winding down, it’s bedtime soon

gazing stars and the man on the moon

Long soothing bath, rub-a-dub-dub
off to bed and snug as a bug


One dirty day down, so many to go

I sure hope this summer,  goes by very slow.