Smooth Moves

I knew we had something real. I even knew that we were breaching that scary line where “like” meets “love”. We spent every waking minute together possible and a lot of that time was hanging out with his rowdy family, giving me new experiences everyday (some that my parents worked my whole life protecting me from) most of them just honest to goodness simple fun!

He was so crazy and made me laugh at his total commitment to physical comedy no matter how ridiculous he looked. He was real and honest and it was refreshing. Not to mention utterly hot! That bleach blonde hair, those broad shoulders and arms that were built by carrying lumber and swinging a hammer…and the legs…those glorious legs…so long………………sorry I lost myself for a moment.

He loved cars and music and everything that combined the two. He took me places that smelled like oil and fuel and somehow made it fascinating! He was rough around the edges, untamed by a woman’s heart and at times frustrating and unruly. But it was all part of the grand package. A package that made me dangerously teeter the line.

That day…no, that moment, when I fell hopelessly, willingly and completely. The tight rope that I clung to in order to make sound decisions and keep my guard up was swept out from under me so fast my head spun. It was so simple and so sweet, I never saw it coming.

Here we are in a room packed with people lining the walls awaiting their turn at the table or simply observing and cheering on their favorite shooter. Country music played on the stereo as it did every time I was there, I assume it was never actually turned off considering the house never really slept.

I stand with my back against the wall, my foot kicked back propping me up and sporting my little summer dress that I know drives him crazy as it hugs my curves nicely. I saw one of the other players take notice as well but it didn’t phase me. My eyes were glued to the misty blues gazing back at me across the table. That smile….oh that smile.

The stereo music was mindlessly rotating songs that we all knew, some caused the whole room to break out into a medley of horribly off key singing that was fantastic! But then “the song… that song” came on. Know one payed any mind, the conversation never paused. But somehow I didn’t hear them. In fact, the room cleared and it was just us, gazing at each other. And he was singing softly. It took me a second to hear the song. It wasn’t even the song at first that was so special, it was his eyes as he sang it. It was his mouth as the words came out with so much emotion and sincerity. The melody spun the room and made my heart explode. I knew, at that strange moment that my heart was his. As George Jones gave the background melody and that beautiful man in the room sang the words…”you’re as smooth as Tennessee Whisky, you’re as sweet as strawberry wine….you’re as warm as a glass of brandy and I stay stoned on you’re love all the time”……I lost myself wholly.

Twenty years later as me and that beautiful misty blue eyed man hold hands while driving down the road, and good ol’ George Jones pours out of the radio, my heart melts, I am back in that room falling in love all over again.


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