True Story

I once was a little boy
So brave with a touch of coy
I was an Indian and a cowboy
I once fought at the gates of Troy

I once went to the moon as an Astronaut
Who traveled to space for naught
For my adventure had no forethought
‘Twas Mars is what they sought

I once was an Olympic gymnast
I was the worlds best and biggest
But I soon caved and lost interest
and became a mom and crafted on Pinterest

I once had a pet giraffe
who loved to tell jokes and laugh
but died of a horrible case of staph
“he was a great friend” was his epitaph

I once lived in the jungle of congo
In the top floor of a high rise condo
Where the tribe taught me to play the bongo
My best friend while there was a Pongo

I know you think i’m long in the tooth
to be telling such tales of my unlived youth
and my parents tell me it’s very uncouth
to tell stories without a grain of truth.

true story




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