The Day Dreamer


I was listening intently to her speak, I swear I was.  Her subject was something about the ancient world of Greece, I am pretty sure of it.  She was pacing the floor, occasionally writing something down for us who are visual, and speaking long drawn out sentences for those of us who don’t need our eyes to hear.

Her heals clicked on the laminate tiles, and her toe scuffed the floor when she set off in a new direction.  With all of my intent I followed her with my eyes.  For all anyone knew, I was studious and aware, but what only I knew, was my eyes did not see her standing in that room any longer.  I was present, only in body, but the sound of her clicking heals and the hum of her mundane subject sent my mind into an emergent need to be elsewhere.

I heard the invisible beat powering up inside the room, getting louder and louder, the bass so strong the windows vibrated in their seals.  The screechy sound of a violin type instrument starts playing rapidly in the air.  The bland yellow florescent overhead burst, creating a kaleidoscope of colors on the walls and everyone’s clothing.  STOMP…skip skip …STOMP…skip skip…STOMP… the rhythm oozed off of my feet and infected everyone in the room… it rapped off of the desks, and pounded on the walls… even the high heeled “clicker” found herself marching unknowingly to the powerful cadence.

I rose to the soles of my tennis shoes, with my arms swaying left then right in unison…STOMP..skip skip….STOMP…skip skip… my body moved in time with the music… I  began to gather all hands around the room celebrating in the deliverance from reality while we encircled the chairs and desks.  Twirl….dip….twirl….dip………………

…………….as my eyes come back into focus, the monotonous droning of the woman in front of the room started to bleed back into my brain.  The music faded into the back of my mind where it started, all of the other bodies in the room are staring blankly ahead..too bad they were not there to experience the historic event that just happened in the room around them,  the ancient celebratory dance of the Greeks.

I believe that sometimes we learn more from our dreams than we do from reality.




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