Sumnday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day I do nothing.  I sit on my porch swing and watch the world stand still.  I listen to the birds chirping, and the breeze blow and feel the perfect 75 degree temperate on my skin. Today my flowers are blooming in perfect unison with a brilliant fragrance that fills the fresh air and my grass is cut to perfection like a carpet under my feet. My house is sparkling clean with the no cobwebs and the dust bunny’s have packed their bags and gone willingly to live with someone else. My darling children are amazing little angels having completed all of their chores the day before without asking allowing them to enjoy their Sumnday as well.

This is the day that lies peacefully between Sunday and Monday.  It’s not on the calendar because if it were there would inevitably be something penciled in, scheduled or consuming to do. This is the day that lies in secret, that everyone knows about but no one speaks of.  It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist at all.

So when Sumnday comes around, don’t forget to slow down, forget your schedule and enjoy your perfect day. Because, you know Monday will surely come and the world will turn again and chaos will ensue…but for today…just today…life is perfect.


Sumnday – Enjoy it!


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